Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lockout Bros? Really??

Listen I dont like #s that much (even though im an engineer, go figure it out) but whatevers #s need to be reconfigured, whatever games need to be added, whatever whatever that needs to happen so Papa P watches football in 2011-2012 BETTER FUCKING HAPPEN. If not the end of human civilization might be closer then we thought. This is 100% asscinide. CHICKEN SHIT if you will. This could single handedly make millions of grown men cry. Fuck crying, go into deep depression. Please, PLEAAAAAAASEEE do the right thing.

(and yes folks, I'm BACCCKK)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of November 15th)

So I'm late once again can you blame me I'm black.....racist I here is another installment of DDOW.....since I'm sticking to the theme of Thanksgiving which is less than a week away DDOW is actually changing to Dat Meal Of The no stalling with nonsense Dat Meal of the Week is the one meal I look forward to every year aka the meal that gives mofuckaasss the ITIS....Black Thanksgiving......Mac and Cheese, Yams, Collard Greens, Turkey, Stuffing, maybe some Potato Salad/Macaroni Salad and can't forget the love of my life....Sweet Potato of the greatest desserts of all time.....but here's to a Black Thanksgiving, the first and only Meal of The Week....

Wouldn't be a Black Thanksgiving without some.....

Food Coma Flow,
Baked Drizz N Cheese

Xmas and Thanksgiving....

Listen I fuckin LOVE xmas music, ill listen to that shit 24/7.... when its xmas time that is, not now on Nov 19!! What type of shit is that? There are 2 stations that have been on 24/7 xmas songs already, cant they fucking wait a week? And why do I already see xmas decorations up?? We havent even fucked up the turkey yet and I see Santas fat ass on peoples windows already... why the fuck cant people wait? I thought the rule of thumb was the day after thanksgiving was the day to put the xmas tree up and shit?!?! Thats my word I seen a house dolled up with elfs and reindeers and shit 1st week of Nov! Im going to start unplugging decorations at peoples crib if they continue this shit... next year that rule is going into affect, anyones house seen with xmas decorations before thanksgiving will get unplugged and cords cut... fuck em!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of November 8th)

Damn last week flew by it felt like I just named a Dude/Chick of the week like 2 seconds ago....o its because I did....I'm not gonna lie I've been slackin' on my mackin' and slippin' on my pimpin' but I'm back for another installment of Dat Dude of The Week.....Last week we fucked with Zombies.....This week and month we're going to give thanks and appreciation with Thanksgiving right around the corner......I already paid homage to the Native Americans for Columbus Day, so I'm going to go a different route......and big up turkeys!!!!! Gobble Gobble motherfucker! These large beast of the avian variety have fed ppl for plenty of years and will continue to do so until they become an endangered species which I don't see happening for years to come....yum yum get your forks and knives ready and get the white meat and stuffing and maybe a side of gravy.....sounds delicious I can't wait until November 25th.....gonna get stuffed off my ass.....So here's to Turkeys and the tryptophan that help put us to sleep.....

Gobble Gobble,
Happy Drizzgiving

O YEAH!!!!

Burgers For Da Boys!!!!!! O Yeah!!!! O Yeah!!!!

O Yeah!
DJ Drizzy D

Dem Dudes Of The Week/Month...(Week of November 1st/Month of October)

Damn I'm mad late....o well better late than never.....I'm going to make this a quick one....Sticking to the whole Halloween theme and it carried over to the first week of November and it may go on forever....and that is the concept of Zombies! I'm kind of obsessed with them man....the whole idea of zombies taking over would be sick cuz its straight survival of the fittest. Us against vs. dead.....human vs. zombies.....ever since I was a kid zombies had my gotta bash their fucking heads in to kill them its get to do whatever you want once zombies take over....carry stores....the possibilities are endless and I love it!!!! O and btw go watch The Walking Dead on AMC.....the show is hot and it just got renewed for a second season after two fucking episodes how crazy is that?!?! So Dem Dudes of the Month for the month of October and Dem Dudes of the Week for the first week in November are none other than Zombies....

PS - Leave a comment about where you would hide if the Zombie Apocalypse happened right I would be in Target, Home Depot, and Toys R Us at the same time, I know its not possible but I will make it happen...and then make my way to Walmart after stealing a Ferrari

HRMRMRHMEMRMRM(My Best Zombie Sound),
Drizzy: The Living Dead

Monday, November 1, 2010


WELLLLLLLLLLLLP...... woke up this morning and it was fucking 35 degrees.. YUP its about that fucking time again..... North Face, are you ready?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For The Haters!!!

I have to copy my man P and post some shit NBA related....I'm extrafabalabadociouly hyped to the 10th degree for this should be fun to watch three beast run thru the league and that's only if they get the chemistry flowing which I believe they already have from their time together in the Olympics.....but anyway tonight is the night and here is my boy Lebron and his new commercial.....suck on it haters let the guy what he left that city called Cleveland and so what he didn't go to the city you wanted him to....sports allow things like this to happen and we have to deal with it....anyway check the commercial and I hope the haters shut the fuck up after he wins 73 games and breeze to the finals and sweep the Lakers....yeah I beasted but hey its not beasting if I'm not involved:

Where Amazing Happens,
Commissioner Drizzid Stern

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of October 25th)

I know I was supposed to stick to the whole Halloween theme and maybe I still am because this week's DDOW would be an awesome costume....So election season is going down....basement....and if you have seen the some of the candidates out there you might think that you have a shot at becoming governor of any given this case NY.....first off we have a blind dude in office and the only reason he is there is because the other governor got the boot because he was getting herpes at local brothels......any who there is this one candidate that stands out and it is because he is a karate master and his party is the first of its kind.....if they made a movie about this guy I'm pretty sure Sam Jackson would play him....check this YouTube clip of Dat Dude of The Week for the last week of October Mr. Jimmy McMillian.....go out and cop the costume!!!!

The Rent Is Too Damn High!
Drizzy McMillian


Welp, the HEAT is on tonight (bahaha get it??) for the big three. Championship run #1 out of at least 5 begins tonight vs the good guys from Boston. So whats expected out of tonights game? Well Ill tell you Papa P's expectations for tonight:
1) Someone better have a triple double if not a quadriple double... dwade, bron, rondo.. I'm looking at yall
2) Bosh+Wade+Bron= > 80pts TOTAL. If that equations stands true then everyone is in deep shit
3) Celtics to not give a fuck about them... they from boston though so of course they gully
4) Chemistry.... the BIGGER 3 have only something ridiculous like 190seconds playing together(preseason injury to my boy wade). So if they can click early and often then it shouldnt be an issue.
5) Someone to suck it
6) ALOT of highlight plays, lets be real, how the fuck do you got potentially 6 future hall of famers on the court and not an absurd amount of highlight plays.... show me something mufuckers its opening night!

Hyped much? Shit I know I am.... Football and Basketball at the same time!?!??! Wifeys just about lost their grip on their mans, sorry we still love you though.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Yeah 3X" - Chris Brown

We can all appreciate some great dance moves - plus, a wonderful beat to make any one want to get up, dance, and say "yeah, yeah, yeah!"

I think this new Chris Brown video is sooo 'effin on point!! I like the vibe, the scenery, and his wardrobe. His tight blue jeans, sweater, and white kicks are MJ-esque, but he pulls it off really well.

Everyone seems to love the little blanquito with his beautiful set of curls. =) "It's Chris Brown!"

Oh yea! This song and video gets me so hyped!!!

Please watch the video and enjoy! It's soo worth it!

Peace and love,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where the EFFF have I been????

Good question right!!?! Honestly I dont have a fuckin clue where I've been, I think I had a MEAN case of the lazy. Or maybe I was abducted by 13 UFOs and was chilling on Planet wheretheydothat at, or maybe I went to China and was chilling with that crazy ass president. I could've possibly went to Sierra Leone to search for them blood diamonds (SHHHEEEEDD DEEE BLOOOOOOD). Na real talk I been all around the world and would like to share my experience. Ight for real for real IT DOESNT MATTER where I been, all that matters is Papa P is in full fuckin affect and theres going to be fuckin fireworks like it was the 4th of JEWLIE. Lets get the blogggin BITCHESSSSS..... get ready for the noise...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Day

So today was a pretty cool day...woke up, went to work, checked the blog out and ended up giving away a iPod....shout outs to everyone who played thanks a ton and shout out to the winner can follow her if you would like.....this is the first contest the blog had and who knows what else is in store in the near future...we might get on some Oprah shit and give away a motherfucking car holla at us ...nah but keep coming thru and show us love....let your friends know that the gang over here at AppleBeans goes in, all the way the support keep showing the love.

Blog Of The Century,
The Good Folks At AppleBeans

Willow = A Budding Star

Parents beware....your children may have severe neck pains after watching this video and imitate what's going on.....

First video down, next thing up album time...

This is for you MG....

Whip It Real Good,
Drizzow Smith

This Guy Needs A New Job....

No words just watch:

Back To You Guys,
Drizzles The Sports Reporter

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of October 18th)

So here we are another week closer to Halloween....what is everyone going to be? This year I feel like a bunch of people are either going to be Avatar characters, Jersey Shore characters and a classic costume for girls that will never get old sluts...anyway starting this week and for the next two weeks I'm dedicating this award to the theme of Halloween so kicking off this week's Halloween inspired DDOW/DCOW is none other than darkness in the flesh....there's no Halloween without the absent of Mr. Wesley Snipes I know you're going through some shit and might even be in jail due to tax evasion....can't duck the IRS man that's one thing you can't do they always find you somehow someway.....

This Post Was Sponsored By The Color Black,
Drizzly Snipes

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Is Almost Here.....

So yea the day of the devil is almost here and I need some help picking out a costume....Any ideas????? I was thinking Pee Wee Herman....All I need is a grey suit which can later be used on formal occasions....what do you guys think about that one. If not I'm might be the Bed Intruder dude minus the homosexualness behind his character....

Let me know AppleBeaners....

Ghoul or Goblin,

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of October 11th)

So Monday was Columbus Day....first off he will not be DDOW just cuz he's a piece of shit....he raped, pillaged, and murked one Native American too many. So with that being said the real Dudes and Dudettes of this week are the Native Americans who died for no reason...just so some guy can say he found some land that he had no business being on.....yo Chris get your compass fixed homie....

This popped up when I checked Google, if you ask me they look Mexican. Is that fucked up?

Nina, Pinta,y My Cousin Lupita,
Drizztopher Columbus

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jordan Heels... Really?

Someone please tell me there is not a single woman out there who would put these on her feet!

I know it's wishful thinking, but DAMN, these are ugly.

That is all.

Peace and love,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ha this is how the fight against homosexuality in Africa is going.....

The funny thing is that the people are buying it..hahahah

Do You Eat The Poo Poo?

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of October 4th)

So this past weekend some little indie flick called Social Network came out based on the creation of some dumb website that no one uses called Facebook...have any of ya heard about this Facebook shit? Yeah that's what I thought why would anyone know about Facebook when you spend all your time on AppleBeans? Anyway this dude that created it is a rich ass motherfucker because of it! His net worth is in the billions and he dropped out of Harvard....which leads me to wonder is there a purpose for a college degree anymore? Anywho he just donated 100 million dollars to some bum fuck city in Jersey. First if I was giving away 100 mil it would not go to the state of Jersey even if I was the Governor and had the state tatted on my ass cheek....

I probably would give it to the country of Africa as a whole let them figure out who gets what amount, straight pull up in a chopper and drop that shit like it was food, but I'm no Mark Zuckerberg and I'm no Dude of the Week but he is....This is for that cool little invention code name Facebook...I'm on to your plot to help take over the world with Google bro you can't hide that shit from me....but here's your award and I would like to thank you for giving me something to do in my spare time in the form of stalking people through their photo albums and having random people ask to be my friend.....

Drew Suggests You Like This Post,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hip Hop History...

I must say, I really enjoyed watching this!

JT and Jimmy Fallon put on a good show and I liked their selection of music too. =)



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of September 27th)

So we are at the end of September wtf is going on with time is it me or is that shit flying by? Alright just cuz time is moving at a rapid pace doesn't mean we stop doing our jobs over here at AppleBeans....So last week a lot of shit went down in the world that I do not have one clue about so this DDOW has nothing to do with anything kinda like his show(s)....this guy doesn't need any sort of introduction he is none other than Larry of a great show known as Seinfeld and also creator and star of his hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm....if you haven't seen either I suggest you watch because shit is hilarious.....So congrats Mr. David you are our lucky winner....and possibly the first Jewish man to win this award...

A Post About Nothing,
Drizzy Seinfeld


Theres a difference between something unique and something uniquely WEIRD.

What was she thinking when it crossed her mind to do this?

I just don't get it.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

All Summer, I Was Drinking Water!

I absolutley love this Converse commercial, especially Kid Cudi.

I would love to hang with him some day.

Happy Thursday!!!

Peace and love,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dat Dude/Chick Of The Week...(Week of September 20th)

So this video has been circulated across the internet more than Kim Kardashian's bodacious buttcheeks, so it's only right to make this guy Dat Dude of The Week or is he Dat Chick of The Week? Whatever he's the recipient of this weeks award because his interview has to be one of the greatest things to happen to local news in its history plain and simple. So Mr. Antoine Dodson congratulations on being Dat Dude for the week of September 20th.

And if you haven't seen the videos here they are:

This shit has me crying how they made a song outta this nonsense....hilarious shit right here.

O and peep Ashy Larry's "Bed Intruder" Version:

Run Tell Dat Home Boy,
Bed Intruder Drizzy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of September 13th)

So Hov and Eminem were in town this week and put on a great concert with the help of numerous friends. Tight I didn't get to go but hey fuck it there's always next time right? Maybe not but its worth a shot. So let's talk about the location of this historic concert, which happens to be my hometown. That's pretty yes you guessed it Dat Dude of The Week goes to none other than the city that never sleeps, or the city so nice they had to name it twice New York, New York.

I Love NY, Don't You?
Drew York City

Friday, September 10, 2010

Power Of The Smith Family

Now, the whole family is in the business doing something.

I really like Willow. She's very articulate and I think she's headed to a bright career. Will and Jada have some great reproductive cells and have produced some amazing children thus far.

I'm wit it!!!

Whipping my hair back and forth,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nothing But Family Love

UUFFFFFFF LMFAO. Talk about keeping it REAL. Besides the melon destroying that girls face, the funniest shit is how the sister could give a fuck less. Yea you got your dome ass raped by a watermelon... so what this the amazing race bitch get up! That shit dead ass looked like the JFK assassination. POW right in the kisser.... oh well, man up?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dat Dude Of The Week...(Week of September 6th)

First week of September....cats are back in school now so the AppleBeans season starts now for those folks in class bored searching the net looking for a quick laugh in class....this is the place we had a strong summer of quality DDOW/DCOW' we have to keep that trend going..with football season days away how about we talk about them J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!!!! and their beast of a coach Rex Ryan. This guy has changed this team around so quickly and has his guys talking the most shit while they have the best shot at winning the Super Bowl now that the best corner in the game is with the team....Mr. Darrelle with the defense stacked and the offense stacked if Mark Sanchez becomes a great QB this year, look out AFC East and anyone else that challenges the Jets this year, this team is real....I'm no Jets fan but I have to admit the dudes are nice....So with no further or due Dat Dude of The Week for the first week of September '10...The New York Jets...

P.S. P I know you're gonna hate this post...fuck it.

Are You Ready 4 Some Football,
Drizz Namath